Hey guys! This week was a rough one! I got hit pretty hard with some gnarly bug and just felt awful all week long. It was hard to have any motivation, but as you can see on Friday, I felt a lot better! I hope you guys are enjoying #24DaysOfChristmas2017! I love you all... Continue Reading →


Hello my loves! Today's blogpost is going to be all about my current nighttime routine. I'll be honest, my routine is very consistent and very rarely changes up. However, I'm going to be doing my pretty regular weekend nighttime routine. Let's get into it! 4:30 P.M. My evening begins right about at 4:30 P.M. when... Continue Reading →

Hey guys! Today's video is a laid back vlog sharing with you all the cool things I did this week. Hope you guys enjoyed week one of #24DaysOfChristmas! I'll see you guys tomorrow! xx Sung Instagram: @lifeonpointe16 Twitter: @sungeun_rose @lifeonpointe_ Snapchat: @sungeunrose Facebook:… Pinterest: @sungeunrose Discount Codes Use Code for 10% off entire order: NewShades4You Use Code for... Continue Reading → 📸Instagram: @lifeonpointe16 📸 🐣Twitter: @sungeun_rose @lifeonpointe_ 🐣 👻Snapchat: @sungeunrose👻 📱Facebook:…📱 📍Pinterest: @sungeunrose📍 Discount Codes Use Code for 10% off entire order: NewShades4You Use Code for 25% off entire order: SUNGEUNROSE25 New Vlog! Thanks for coming along with me throughout my week! I really did have a rough week on a true and personal level, and you know what? It happens. Sometimes we struggle. I decided to continue vlogging because I wanted to tell you all that you are not alone. If you need someone... Continue Reading →

Where I Dreamed No. II

THE SEQUEL: MY ADVANCED II EXAMINATION ****Warning… this is a very long read, so go grab a snack and a drink, get cozy, and please enjoy! P.S. If you don’t want to read this long post (because I do realize that people do have better things to do), scroll all the way down for the... Continue Reading →

I Made Foundation & Eyeshadow?!

I MADE FOUNDATION & EYESHADOWS?! Motives Cosmetics Custom Blend Event Training     Hey guys! Today, you guys get to follow me today to Brea, California to learn about how to custom blend foundations, concealers, powders (including bronzing, blushers, and highlighters), and eye products! I just want to give a quick shoutout to our amazing... Continue Reading →

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