Hello everyone! As you can probably tell, it's been a few months since I've updated you. I've been doing a lot of stuff recently for my brand, LIFE ON POINTE, like strategic planning for the rest of the year and getting content creation together. It's been so much work and taken so much energy, but you know, it's been so worth it! I'm so excited for what is going to be coming your way starting September.


God Talk | I’m In Love With Jesus

Hey guys! I know I was supposed to post this much earlier today, but I'm going to be real with you: I thought this post had been complete & scheduled, but actually, it hadn't even been written yet. Go figure. Then I decided that I didn't want to put that post anyways. It just didn't … Continue reading God Talk | I’m In Love With Jesus

Day 23 | Saying Goodbye to #24DaysOfChristmas2017 In today's Vlog, I cannot believe we are saying goodbye to this year's #24DaysOfChristmas2017!!! We talk everything from my childhood dream of becoming a princess and marrying a prince to the 2018 business I have been working on for the last two years. I hope you enjoy! Xx Sung Instagram: @lifeonpointe16 Twitter: @sungeun_rose @lifeonpointe_ Snapchat: @sungeunrose Facebook:… Pinterest: @sungeunrose … Continue reading Day 23 | Saying Goodbye to #24DaysOfChristmas2017