My loves, I have no intention of doing another one of these ever again!!! I think 2 of these reaction to my past performance videos are enough for your sore eyes... once I start performing again, I'll pull those out and react to those. They have better dancing. (lol) Love you guys! xx Sung Continue Reading →


BE THE STRONGEST, SMARTEST, AND HEALTHIEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. -Karlie Kloss Hello Everyone! Today I'm showing you guys my workout routine. I've gotten several requests from you all to show you guys an updated workout. This routine has a bit of everything, and I do this on the day's I don't go for my 45... Continue Reading →

"Fall In Love With Taking Care Of Yourself." Hello Everyone! I hope you are having an absolutely amazing August so far! I am bringing you my stretching routine. As I just got back from intensive training not to long ago, I was introduced and reminded of stretches that are really amazing for freeing up your... Continue Reading →

Hey guys! Today I am showing you guys what I got from Discount Dance Supply and All About Dance! They are both online store which is awesome. It's a super quick haul, but I wanted to show you guys anyways. I hope you guys enjoy it, and I'll see you in my next post! I... Continue Reading →

Dance Bag Must-Have’s!

Hey guys! Today’s topic is about the things that never ever EVER leave my dance bag. These are things geared more towards injury prevention and things that help muscle soreness, not necessarily things like Pointe Shoes and Ballet Flats, you know what I mean? The first thing that never leaves my bag is Arnica Gel.... Continue Reading →

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