LIFE ON POINTE Episode 3 | Summer Edition

Partner: Gabe Salazar 

Hey Everyone! I cannot believe we are 3/4’s done with this intensive! In some ways, it has flown by, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been hard and long days.

This week, we had a mix of yoga, cardio, and pilates all in the early morning as our warm up, and I have to say as I’ve done this every day for three weeks, it’s gotten so much easier. It’s still hard, but it isn’t as painful, the soreness isn’t as prominent, and I actually feel stronger when I do it.

For ballet classes this week, I did have a day where I sat out. I was having incredibly sharp pains in my stomach and every step I took was so painful. I did do a bit of contemporary that day, but it still was prominently painful. I did learn a lot by sitting and watching, but when I did dance, I learned that I use way too much energy in certain movements that don’t require as much force or energy. It helped me dance from a place of relaxation rather than horrible tenseness in every muscle, and I wasn’t as tired at the end of class.

We had character for two days, and to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite. I found myself a bit bored, although I did do the movements which our teacher said was nice.

We had contemporary for the rest of the week, and it was amazing. The teacher had us improv the entire class, and then she gave us tasks to use in our improv. We had to create letters using our bodies, and we came up with some pretty cool stuff. We got paired up for “duets” that were not meant to go together, but there was one particular couple that was so amazing, I actually cried watching it. It was so beautiful, so moving, and somehow so in sync with each other; keep in mind that they’d never seen each other’s pieces as well. UGH!!! I actually have chills thinking about it.

Pas De Deux on Friday was really hard! Our teacher was different, and his combinations were so much harder. At the end, he told us we were going to do a flying fish from the ground. I wasn’t able to capture the full thing, but I started on the ground, and my partner’s job was to pull me up and “throw me,” all while I jumped. I would be in the air for a split second before he’d catch me, and he did, which, we were both impressed that we nailed it. It was terrifying at first, but once we got the coordination, made the eye contact, and rode the same wavelength, we nailed it four more times.

We had four variation classes as well, and we learned the Tchaikovsky Variation from the Tchaikovsky Pas De Deux, which is my favorite variation of all time. We also learned the Sylvia Variation, which is all relevés and hops on pointe, which was actually really painful. My toes were so numb after that variation, it hurt more that when my feet were in the shoes.

This week overall was a fun week, and I hope you enjoyed watching this episode! I love you all, and I’ll see you next week for the Summer Finale!


Sung Eun Rose

Los Angeles Ballet Academy Summer Intensive Update: Week 2

Featuring: Gabriel Ramirez (a.k.a. partner #7)

Hey Guys! So, my level and I survived week 2! We had eleven (in total) this week in our (red) level, and it was really awesome.

We had several toning and strengthening classes this week, such as pilates, yoga, cardio (which was supposed to be belly dancing [so glad we didn’t], but she got sick), and injury prevention. I think that one was my favorite. We learned techniques on how to help relieve the tenseness in our muscles and joints and also how to help each other properly release tension and tightness.

Each morning ballet class, our teachers rode our tails, which is what they’re supposed to do of course, but you feel it a lot more when there are less people. We had several different teachers, and for pointe it was the same. Some days I had the satisfaction of nailing triple pirouettes on pointe, and some days I fell over. It happens!

For Pas De Deux (partnering), it was very difficult, at least for me. I partnered one of the days with my master teacher, and discovered my weaknesses. The other times I partnered with two other partners/friends of mine, and some of the exercises were good, and some of them were terrible. It’s all a learning experience, and as long as you learn something, that’s what’s important.

Three of the five days we had Flamenco, which was actually very difficult. I have great respect now for flamenco dancers and their ability to coordinate and perform with such precision and clarity. The other two days we had contemporary, which was actually really fun. Our teacher made up a really cool combo and I loved performing it about thirteen times (in total).

This week overall was really good. For whatever reason, I was mentally and physically exhausted and drained, feeling really sleepy pretty much every day. But, I’m happy to be home for a day and a half to get some true rest and rejuvenation.


Sung Eun Rose

Los Angeles Ballet Academy Summer Intensive Update: Week 1

What an amazingly hard week it has been!

So, as you all know (or at least, you should know!), I have been in Los Angeles for the last week and I’ll be there for the next three weeks as well for the Los Angeles Ballet Academy summer intensive and boy, was it intense this week!

The first day was great. There were only seven (technically six, long story) people in our level, which we were all excited about but we were also thinking, “Oh shoot, we’re going to die.” Tuesday came and all of us were so freaking sore, to the point where I’m not sure I’ve been that sore in years. We had an amazing week of pilates, ballet, contemporary, and jazz with some amazing teachers. Believe me when I say they worked us.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow!!! You’ll know why next week! But I hope you all enjoy the first summer episode of Life On Pointe! I love you guys, and thank you all for the support!


Sung Eun Rose


Today is the last episode of Life On Pointe.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time to watch this series. I want to thank all of you whom I’ve met and my friends and my family for coming up to me and telling me how much you enjoy it and request videos to me. I’m looking forward to bringing Life On Pointe back in September!!! You all have made it so worth it.

Some of you who watch have told me that you have seen the progress from episode one to now, and that means the world to me. I’m so thankful to my teachers for allowing me to bring you on this journey and I’m so happy that you’ve found inspiration from this series.

I love you all so very much and I cannot thank you enough.


Sung Eun Rose


Ugh… guys!!!

I’m kind of irritated that I don’t have my exam results in yet!!! I mean, how long can you make a dancer wait?!

In all seriousness, this week was pretty dang mellow. I went to my normal Monday classes and had a private (finally) with Mr. Pegler. My local teacher and her family ended up getting the flu so I decided to stay home. I did some serious cardio (thanks to my aunt for giving me some tips!) and some barre work in my room.

But seriously… I’m still waiting on my exam results… and I’m getting slightly impatient. *sighs*

I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you on Wednesday!


Sung Eun Rose


Happy TWENTY episodes of Life On Pointe!!!!

Today’s episode showed me doing a ton of fouetté turns. I’m really working hard to get to 32 (nicely and consistently) by the end of 2017. I can do that! Right?

I am also in the process of learning and perfecting the Black Swan variation from Swan Lake. It’s quite a tricky variation with a lot of crazy turns and fancy arms and upper body work. It’s a very regal and elegant variation while still being quite flirtatious and a little bit wicked.

I hope you guys enjoy the episode! Twenty episodes… wow!


Sung Eun Rose


Happy Sunday Everyone!

So on Easter Sunday, I ended up banging my head pretty strongly on the stage due to ill-planning of a particular movement I’d done in my special dance. On Monday, I went to class with a headache and I was directed to spin very carefully, or, in other words, don’t do a triple pirouette and be careful if you do a double.

Tuesday morning came and I got hit pretty badly with allergies and also my period (oh, stop it. Y’all know I’m open about this). I felt fine at the beginning of this class, but as the day progressed, I got worst and worst. I went to my second class of the day with Ms. Jana, and I was so lethargic and sick, both myself and Ms. Jana thought it best for me to stay home and rest.

So that’s why this week’s episode contains footage of only one class. I guess one can’t help catching severe allergies or a cold, right?

I hope you all had a great week! I love you all, and I’ll see you on Wednesday!


Sung Eun Rose


Hello Everyone!

This week, I included some footage of a rehearsal with my partner and friend Brandon (who came all the way from LA, so thanks!!!) so you guys could see me do some partnering!

Partnering (or Pas De Deux) is incredibly difficult in some ways and easier in others. I work with him at LABA when we have Pas De Deux class and he’s hands down the best I’ve worked with, so I think it’s safe for me to say that I am very lucky.

I hope you guys enjoy those little moments I included in this episode! I love you guys lots, and I’ll see you all on Wednesday!


Sung Eun Rose

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Hey guys!

So it wasn’t the easiest week when it came to my classes. My mind was so distracted this week and I could not focus. It happens. You have your off weeks. Looking back on the footage, I realized that it always feels worst than it looks, and thank God for that.

Thanks to my amazing teachers for helping me get through it. And thanks to you guys for all the support you are constantly showing me. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a post up on Wednesday! I totally read my calendar wrong and I didn’t want to throw something together last minute and it not be to my standards. Thanks for all the understanding.

I love you guys! I will see you all on Wednesday!


Sung Eun Rose