Dance Wear Haul

Hey guys! Today I am showing you guys what I got from Discount Dance Supply and All About Dance! They are both online store which is awesome. It's a super quick haul, but I wanted to show you guys anyways. I hope you guys enjoy it, and I'll see you in my next post! I … Continue reading Dance Wear Haul


Dance Wear Look Book (Blogmas Day 10)

Look #1: Natalie Microfiber Pinch Front Camisole Leotard , Watercolor Wrap Skirt Look #2: Wear Moi Diane Camisole Leotard , Chiffon Wrap Skirt, Over-The-Knee Legwarmers Look #3: Svetlana 3/4 Sleeve Leotard, Classical Length Tutu Skirt Look #4: Natalie Microfiber Cap Sleeve Leotard, Elastic Waist Character Skirt Look #5: Bacara Contour Seam Leotard  (skirt was a specialty piece and I can't find it. It was also given to me … Continue reading Dance Wear Look Book (Blogmas Day 10)