Day 16 | My Current Pre-Class Routine | #24DaysOfChristmas2017

Hey everyone! Today's post is all about my pre-class routine. I like to show up to class as warm as possible, especially in this chilly season. I like to start off by laying on a heating pad to warm up and relax my back muscles. As I do this, I will stretch out my gluteal … Continue reading Day 16 | My Current Pre-Class Routine | #24DaysOfChristmas2017


My Stretching & Strengthening Routine Hey guys! I hope this gives you some inspiration for a quick workout or for a before class warm up! This is what I normally do before classes and this is my quick exercise routine for every day. On a day where I have more time (a.k.a. Saturday's), I'll pull out a Jillian … Continue reading My Stretching & Strengthening Routine