Holiday Gift Guide

Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 7 of #24DaysOfChristmas! Today I am bringing you a holiday gift guide. I feel like we girls always have the hardest time finding gifts for our guys, such as Dads, Brothers, Hypothetical Boyfriends, and any other males in our life. And for the guys, all I hear is my guy friends complain that us ladies are the hardest to buy for. So, I’ve made a round up of different gift ideas for everyone, including some links to different items you may want to look at.


I know a ton of gentlemen who love coffee, such as my Dad and one of my uncles. Do you? Because if you do, here are a few different items you can gift to them.

A Pour-Over Coffee Maker is great for the guy who takes their coffee game VERY seriously.

A Kettle pairs great with the pour-over and makes coffee lovers very happy.

An Italian Espresso Maker also makes a great gift for your coffee lover.

Coffee Filters are a necessity for the guy who’s coffee game is level 10/10.

Specialty Coffees or any coffees they love or are interested in trying make great gifts as well.

For the guys who are more into their fashion, get them gift cards to places they love or give them money to put towards a high end item they’ve been saving for. For instance, my Dad is very much into fashion, and I have to say, his style is awesome. Plus, shopping with my Dad is one of my favorite things because it means I get to throw in my own input in what I want to see him in. He likes brands such as Hugo Boss, Burberry, & Tumi just to name a few. If you want to get him a gift card, I’d look into what brands they absolutely love and I’d find a department store that has the majority of items from a particular brand.

Great gifts in the accessories department are:

Socks, preferably patterned or themed to add a little extra something.

Ties, because most of my guys need one. Cuff Links too.

Hats that match their style (baseball cap or beanie). Maybe get them a sports hat with their favorite sports team on it.

Slippers and a Robe for lounging around the house.

Cologne, because men are sexy when they wear one that is great on them. Make sure you get them one they love (and most importantly, smells good on them) or one they really want to try.

For your musician friends (Disclaimer: My big brother mostly plays guitar, so this section is geared more towards guitarists), Guitar Picks are always being lost, I guarantee it, so that makes a great gift.

Pedals that they’ve been looking at is another great gift for a guitarist.

Guitar Strings are great since they tend to break every once in a while (check for the size, type, and brand).


Guys, you can never go wrong with getting us a gift card to our favorite clothing store or Ulta & Sephora. I know you guys may not know very much about makeup, so unless you have your girl write out a specific list of makeup items she wants, get her a gift card to Ulta or Sephora.

As far as accessories go, I feel like if you know her style, whether it’s delicate or bold, it’s pretty easy to know what to get for them. Hat, scarfs, gloves, earrings, necklaces, a bracelet, anything along those lines make great gifts for the females in your life.



Day 7 | Holiday Gift Guide | 24 Days of Christmas

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