Hey guys! Today’s post is all about how to practically style your room for Christmas. For me, I do everything in my bedroom: sleep, eat, read, work, school, dance, & exercise. My room is actually a good size, but because I need to utilize the space wisely, I find that decorations can tend to clutter and take up too much space. So here are 5 ways I’ve style my room for the holidays that are inexpensive and easy to achieve!

1. Mood Board

This can be easily achieved by going on Pinterest or Tumblr and finding photos that really inspire a certain mood or vibe you’re going for. You can collage them directly on the wall by using double-sided sticky tape or you can get a cork board and pin your collage together. I have a winter mood board with a wooden frame and cork board hanging by my desk and one directly on my wall on the one next to it. I themed it winter and chose my color scheme: white & blue with gold and silver accents. It was super easy to do and looks really nice.

2. Christmas Lights

I think Christmas lights and fairy lights just bring this warmth and coziness to a place and makes the space really nice and inviting. I have these indoor and outdoor lights that are green, and to be honest I like them better than my white ones. I wrapped the lights around my book shelf, outlined the window by my desk, and around my mini Christmas tree on my filing cabinet. I prefer warm lights, but if you like cool lights, do that! It just depends on the theme (for me, it is red & gold with accents of white, silver, and pale blue) and vibe you are going for.

3. Small Accents

I have small accent and candles around my room on my bookshelf, my desk, and my bedside table. I was given these little porclain reindeer a while ago, so I like to put them out during the holidays. I also have a few candles around to add that extra warmth and ambience to the room.

4. Mini Christmas Tree

I love Christmas trees. If it were up to me, I would have them everywhere in my house. Because of the layout of my room, it’s not practical for me to get a 4 1/2 to 5 foot Christmas tree because it will take up too much space. So I have a mini Christmas tree on my filing cabinet that was $8 from Target. I bought some mini sized ornaments (red and gold) and hung them on there. I’m super happy with how it turned out!

5. Christmas Tree Collage Wall

Last but not least, this decor piece is my most favorite and works really well for a large empty wall. What I did was I set up these battery operated fairy lights in a large triangle. I also themed these this collage, so I got some small red and gold ornaments and I cropped, edited, and printed out some holiday and warm themed photos off of Pinterest and Tumblr. I designed my collage on my floor first to figure out the layout and order, and then I took double sided sticky tape and stuck the ornaments and photos to the wall. For the Christmas tree topper, I decided to hang a bigger ornament from the clear pushpin. I had a Sugar Plum Fairy Ballerina ornament, so to tie in all the ballet pieces in my room, I hung that as my topper. I love the way it turned out and it was so very easy to achieve!

Alrighty guys! These are my 5 tips for holiday decorating. I hope you guys enjoy this blogpost! If you recreate any of these, please tag me on twitter or Instagram! I love you all, have a great rest of your day, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

xx Sung

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Day 3 | How To Style Your Room For The Holidays | #24DaysOfChristmas2017

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