I’m 17!!! Whoop whoop!

Honestly, I’ve rewritten this post more than three times. The first time was too emotional for my liking, then the other few times I wrote it I hated it. I called my best friend and asked in a dramatic and desperate tone, “What am I doing wrong?! Why isn’t this working?” In short, he laughed at me (typical in our friendship) and told me to stop overthinking.

So now, here I am! When I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel like it’s just another year like I’ve felt the last several years. I felt like there’s something about this next year that’s going to be really special. I don’t know what it’s related to yet- whether it’s going to be through some of the secret projects I’m working on, whether it’s building and strengthening my relationships with my friends and family, or maybe it’s through other things. Either way, it’s going to be a good year.

One of my goals is to be happy this year. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the chaos and drama and stress of life and it’s easy for me to become so anxious, but this year I don’t want to be living from a place of fear and anxiety.  I’m so excited for what the next year brings.


July 12

It was a wonderful day. My Mom and Dad arranged a surprise and my Dad visited me at the dance studio right before classes started. I got to see my big brother as well, which was absolutely wonderful. My parents presented me with a little birthday treat and I continued with my full day of classes.

My friends and teachers at this intensive made my birthday absolutely wonderful. I’m so thankful to have spent my birthday with some of the best people, learning and working hard to improve the art of dance. Thank you to my friends and teachers for making the day so incredible. My best friend FaceTimed me for a short time during lunch, I got several wishes from you guys on all my socials, and it was all around a really good day.

After the intensive classes were done, my Mom picked me up and I came home, took a shower, freshened up, and got dressed. My grandparents treated me and the rest of my family for dinner.

I wanted to say thank you for making my 17th so special. I’ll cherish the memories from being 16, but now, I’m so excited to now be 17, excited for the future, excited for the events to come.

I love you all!


Sung Eun Rose


17 | The Best Day

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