You guys know that back in March, I took my Advanced II exam. If you watched that Vlog, you'll know that I had some pointe shoe drama. Well, my exam results came in about a couple weeks ago, and I failed the exam. STANDARD NOT ATTAINED My teacher texted me that morning and told me... Continue Reading →

Advertisements Hey Guys! I hope you're having a wonderful week so far! Today's video is bringing you my very full-coverage, intense, sweat proof performance makeup tutorial. If you have any performances coming up, what is it called and what role are you playing? Good luck to all my ballet dancer beauties out there! You guys... Continue Reading → Ugh... guys!!! I'm kind of irritated that I don't have my exam results in yet!!! I mean, how long can you make a dancer wait?! In all seriousness, this week was pretty dang mellow. I went to my normal Monday classes and had a private (finally) with Mr. Pegler. My local teacher and her... Continue Reading → Hey guys! I haven't Vlogged in a while and I really missed doing it! So on Saturday, I filmed my chill day and combined it with a what I eat in a day video as well! BREAKFAST Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day if I'm being completely honest. I never skip breakfast.... Continue Reading → Happy Sunday! I hope you guys enjoy this week's Life On Pointe Episode! Only one more episode before the Season Finale!!! Thank you guys for the support! I love you all! xoxo Sung Eun Rose

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