March Favorites


    Hey Everyone!

I first of all want to tell you all thank you for the love and support you constantly show me. As we are approaching the One Year Anniversary of Sung Eun Rose Blog, there are some exciting things happening that are all thanks to you. As you guys know, I also had my Advanced II Examination for Dance earlier this month, and you all were so incredibly kind and lovely and supportive, so thank you.

I’m going to jump into makeup and start straight off with my Custom Blend Foundation that I created. Obviously, it’s a one of a kind foundation that is made with love and care, so it’s not something anyone else can get. In the Custom Blend World, no two foundations are alike!

I wanted a foundation that would have medium to build able coverage, something that would help with my combination skin, something that would last all day, something that would minimize the appearance of my pores, and also a foundation that was lightweight and not cake-y or heavy. Well, I was able to make it! I am in love with this foundation. It melts into my skin and looks like my skin, not a layer over my skin. It’s long-lasting and gives me the desired coverage. I am so happy with this foundation and I love that a little goes a really long way.

Next I’m going to talk about the eyeshadow quad I created. Yes, I finally got around to naming them as well! That was really fun for me to do. Before I get into each individual shadow, I want to say that these are the longest-lasting shadows I have ever encountered. You also don’t need a ton of shadow—a little goes a VERY long way.

The first eyeshadow is Diamond White, which is exactly as it is. It’s a white with flecks of silver shimmer, but it’s not chunky or glittery. It’s great for lightening shadows or adding extra highlight.

The next one is Mermaid, the aqua blue-green shadow that I used in my Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial. I love this shade so, so much, especially with Diamond White layered over the top.

Pink Diamond is really cool. It’s a pink pigment mixed with gold dust and I am loving this shade for spring as well. Again, I use this for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes and I love applying it over gold shadows. It’s so pretty and I’m in love!!!

Lastly is Copper Penny, which is a pure foiled copper shade. I love this one especially for it’s incredible pigmentation and foiled look. This one is probably my favorite. It was the first shade I tried once I created this quad and I love this shade so, so much.

The next makeup product I’ve been in love with recently is the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Peach Lights. I have been really enjoying a wet looking punchy highlight, so I have been taking my brush I use for highlighting and spraying it with water and applying the highlight this way. My lord, it is gorgeous! I wore this highlight for a photoshoot I did recently, and it makes my skin look dewy and glowing without looking greasy or oily. Plus, it is so affordable. I highly recommend this highlight if your looking for an affordable highlight.

Lastly, I wanted to mention this because it truly is one of my favorite things, and this is a painting my friend made for me. Obviously, it’s a painting of one of my most favorite things, but because I am a sentimental person, I love it because of the time and effort and love she put into every little detail, from the crinkles in the shoes to the frills on the leg warmers. I’m absolutely in love with this and I will cherish this for the rest of my life. Thank you Renée! (@dancydog on Instagram)

One more thing. A family friend (more family than friend) just released his single Tell Me If You Know on iTunes! Eric Yun is one of the most talented, genuine, kind, compassionate, loving person I know. He’s such a big inspiration and a big brother to me and I am so so so proud of this Star. Go support him, check out his website at and follow him on Instagram at @ericyun14. You can purchase his song here. It truly is one of my favorite songs, as I’ve been listening to it every single day since its release. I love you Brother Bear, and I’m so proud of you! -Hero

That concludes my March Favorites! I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m excited for the things coming in April! I love you guys!


Sung Eun Rose


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