I Made Foundation & Eyeshadow?!


Motives Cosmetics Custom Blend Event Training

    Hey guys!

Today, you guys get to follow me today to Brea, California to learn about how to custom blend foundations, concealers, powders (including bronzing, blushers, and highlighters), and eye products!

I just want to give a quick shoutout to our amazing trainer and friend Lynda who was absolutely incredible! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is incredibly talented and her story is inspiring. I’m so thankful to have met her!

This event lasted all day, however it was incredibly worth it. I was so inspired by what I learned, and I’m thinking up some ideas and excited to start creating things! I got to learn how to properly match the colors for different skin tones and how to look for their undertones. I got to create my perfect foundation through this course, so I am so excited to be inviting you guys along in the journey.

I especially was excited to create my own custom cream eyeshadows! I wanted a blue-green eyeshadow to create a really fresh look for spring, and I got to create a color that was perfect for what I wanted. I created three other colors as well, all so intensely pigmented and surprisingly EXTREMELY long-wearing. Long-wearing as in, did not budge through a long 12-hour day of dance, school, traveling, etc.

There will be a video coming soon using these shadows and of course, my foundation. I can’t wait to show you guys!

I hope you guys enjoy the Vlog! Give this post a like and please share with your friends! Love you all, and I’ll see you Sunday!


Sung Eun Rose

My Motives Site: www.motivescosmetics.com/sungeunrose

*If you would like a custom blend foundation/powders/eyeshadow/etc., you can email your inquiries to: sungeunrose@gmail.com


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