How To: Sew Your Pointe Shoes + Tie Your Ribbons

Hey guys! I have finally got around to filming a very highly requested video. One person in particular asked the proper way to tie your ribbons, so I just added it in there.

Really quick before you watch the video, here are some things you will need plus some suggestions on how to make it easier. Hope this helps!

Things you’ll need

  • Embroidery Thread or Dental Floss
  • Needle
  • Seam Ripper (in case you make mistakes)
  • lighter or matches
  • Scissors
  • Marker or Sharpie

TIP: You can use either embroidery thread or dental floss, but I much prefer embroidery thread as you won’t have to re-sew your shoes if they break.

Also, marking your shoes as L (left) and R (right) will help you remember which shoe is which.

I hope you guys find this helpful! If you guys have any questions, please leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out! Love you guys, and I’ll see you Sunday!


Sung Eun Rose


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