Life On Pointe: What Inspired It


Before I started making YouTube videos, I would watch hours of ballet documentaries, YAGP classical and contemporary variations, classes from different ballet companies on YouTube, and Joy Womack’s vlogs.

Joy Womack’s daily vlogs got me thinking about starting my own channel in the beginning. I thought it was such an amazing idea to get the world of ballet back into the world. It makes me so sad that a lot of people are so uneducated in ballet. People don’t realize how much energy, emotion, and time goes into this art, especially when you want to become a professional.

Joy Womack’s vlogs shows the daily life of a prima ballerina. My LIFE ON POINTE series shows the life of an aspiring professional dancer. I love filming LIFE ON POINTE videos for you guys, and I’m so glad that so many of you are enjoying it.

I want to show people through my series the real, raw process of what it takes to become a dancer. Granted, my situation is much different from the average aspiring pro dancer. i.e. Most dancers don’t have to dance on crooked wood flooring, tiny space, and a baby running around.

P.S. There’s gonna be a new baby introduced to the LIFE ON POINTE family very soon!!!

I hope you guys have been enjoying the last ten episodes of LIFE ON POINTE! I can’t wait to show you guys more of what I’m working on, and also, I’m really excited to continue my Advanced II journey with you all!

FAQ: Will You be doing another Exam Vlog?

Answer: Absolutely!!!

I love you guys lots!


Sung Eun Rose

P.S. This is my bedroom where I practice a ton of exercises! You know that odd little thing that sticks out into my makeup tutorials? Yep, that’s my ballet barre! Thanks to my amazing Dad for building it for me.

Check out Joy Womack’s Channel! 


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