Life On Pointe Episode 11

Guys!!! Oh, how I've missed doing this for you all! I have seriously missed doing Life On Pointe and I am so excited to start it up again!!! I love you all, and I'll see you Wednesday! xoxo Sung Eun Rose        


January Favorites | 2017

Hey guys! I hope you’ve had a great first month. Personally, January has been extremely crazy with dance and school and work and planning some stuff. On another note, how many of you have tried out the new Starbucks drink? The Smoked Butterscotch Latte is my new favorite. It tastes so amazing! If you like... Continue Reading →

January Look Book + Vlog!

Look 1: Cozy Chill Days This is one of my favorite outfits. A nice sweater top is one of my favorite things to wear as far as winter is concerned. It's a bit oversized with a chunky knit. I paired it with a maxi skirt and if I'm going out, I'll pair it with a... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

   Hey Guys!!! Welcome to today’s blogpost! It’s all around Valentine’s Day, obviously. Of course, you can modify this look to whatever you choose, but this was the look best suited for me. I find that purples look good on all eye colors, whether it’s blue, brown, hazel, green, etc. I hope you guys enjoy... Continue Reading →

Life On Pointe: What Inspired It

  Before I started making YouTube videos, I would watch hours of ballet documentaries, YAGP classical and contemporary variations, classes from different ballet companies on YouTube, and Joy Womack’s vlogs. Joy Womack’s daily vlogs got me thinking about starting my own channel in the beginning. I thought it was such an amazing idea to get... Continue Reading →

My Go-To Natural Makeup Look

This natural makeup look is really quick, easy, and simple. I just want to let you guys know that I don’t always do this. Somedays, I’ll just put on some moisturizer and sunscreen and go, but I like to do this when I feel extra tired. Just know, you do not have to wear makeup... Continue Reading →


New Years Resolutions: 2017 My Choice New Years Resolutions… why bother? Let me tell you why you should bother. New Years Resolutions are choices you are choosing to make, whether it’s a goal to be healthier, be on your phone/electronics less, make more time for family/friends/yourself, etc. It takes discipline to be consistent at your... Continue Reading →

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