My Christmas Gift Guide (Blogmas Day 15)

If you’re someone like me who loves giving great gifts but is also on a tight budget, you’ll love this post. I’m going to give affordable ways to buy nice gifts for people and also some ideas on what to get people. Oh, and if you’re struggling to find what you can get for a guy, I can help you out.


Gifts For Guys

In my opinion, guys are the hardest to buy for. I went to my older brother last year and said, “what do you want for Christmas?” He replies, “Get me anything.” “Great, thanks for being so much help,” I thought to myself. I then went to his wife as asked her what he wanted. She told me that he told her the same thing! I feel like us girls have had a similar conversation with the guys in our lives. So here’s a few ideas I came up with.


Not just any socks, but cool, patterned, themed socks. Believe it or not, guys take their sock game very seriously. I mean, socks are a great affordable gifts for guys and girls, but as I said before, guys take their socks very seriously, it’s kind of hilarious. American Eagle Outfitters, JCPenny, and Macy’s has some great affordable socks.

Note: I found these from JCPenny and thought they were perfect for a guy who isn’t as bold with his socks, but still have cool patterns on them. 


I feel like if you put a stupid-funny gift in a guy’s stocking, he’ll definitely appreciate it. You can find games, cards, masks, themed coloring books and other random things like that for your guy and I will guarantee you that he’s sure to laugh. I did this for a friend in the summertime and he was very amused. The funny part is that he actually colored the coloring pages.


Believe it or not, guys are actually sentimental. I know, weird right? I do this all the time for my older brothers, guy friends, my best friend, and my dad. Last year I made my dad a giant card with all the things we’ve done on our daddy/daughter dates before and a picture of us in the middle. He still has it. I gave my brother a picture of us a while ago and I’m pretty sure he still has it. I gave my best friend a ceramic bear that reminded me of something in his baby book. He still has it. I gave my grand dad a photo album of all the memories we shared. He actually cried. It does take a little extra effort, but it’s super affordable and easy and something they’ll actually love and keep.


Gifts For Women (Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, Friends, etc.)

 I feel women are so much easier to buy for because we generally all like pretty much the same things. I’ve included a few hacks in this section as well.


You can’t go wrong by buying any woman in your family a nice article of clothing or a nice handbag. Personally, I get stressed when going clothes shopping for someone else. I always have anxious thoughts about whether they’ll like the top or if the pants will fit or if the dress is flattering. Here’s my advice: buy them a scarf, a hat or beanie, a pair of gloves or a nice pair of fuzzy socks or slippers. As far as handbags go, I’d place the gift receipt at the bottom of the hand bag in case they don’t like it, but I feel like if you know them and their style & taste pretty well, they won’t want to return it. Also, jewelry is a perfect gift. As I said before, you’ll know exactly what to get them if you know their style and taste. A bit anxious? Give them a nice gift card and they can pick something out on their own.


I know, beauty and skincare products can leave quite a massive dent in your wallet. Here’s how to save money in two words: subscription boxes. Haven’t thought about that yet, have you? FabFitFun Boxes are so great and I love their items. They’re individually wrapped and packaged, which means you can give each product to anyone you want! Plus, you get the full size of each product. Best part? Only $50 for multiple products totaling $200+ worth in value. They have several different items for beauty, fashion, and skincare, which means you’re not getting only one type of product.

BirchBox is another great box that gives you a ton for your buck. It’s only $10 for a box and you get up to 5 items in samples of skincare and makeup. It’s a perfect way to either give it to someone or box it up and wrap it yourself.

If you have more money to spend, I would suggest looking into the holiday gift sets that makeup and skincare brands come out with each year.


I feel like the older I get, the more I realized that I have more needs than wants. Portable phone chargers are a great stocking stuffer and aren’t enormously expensive. Journals and notebooks are great for going to work and school, planners are perfect for those on-the-go people, and even a nice pen or a packet of cool pencils are something nice to receive.


These are super popular and you can get them pretty much everywhere. It’s a great way to relieve stress and take the time to do something calm. You can find these literally everywhere. Barnes & Nobles, Target, Walmart, Craft Stores, etc. It’s something cool that maybe someone will be able to do on their work breaks or school breaks. I have three and I love all of them, and I would love to receive a gift like that.


Do It Yourself

There are a crap-ton of gift ideas you can find on pinterest. Things I decided to create are different types of bath products. Yes, all these things you can go out and buy yourself, but who knows… maybe you want to give a gift you made yourself.


Bath bombs are so cool and fun. You can give these to literally anyone. I’m probably going to give a bath bomb to my little sister for christmas. It just makes your bath seem so much more interesting and enjoyable.


There are so many different types of bath salts you can make. There are tea infused bath salts, scented bath salts, floral salts, etc. You can make big bottles of it or small bottles of it and it’s something other people can appreciate.


It’s super easy to make, and I feel people can really appreciate it. It exfoliates, smells good, and is something I feel that everyone likes. Plus, the ingredients you need are probably already in your pantry!


I did this last year and so many people loved it. You can use my Hot Chocolate Recipe or you can just buy some packets from the store. I did the peppermint hot chocolate last year and put the crushed peppermints on the top. It looked to pleasing and lovely. I then tied a chalkboard tag onto the ornament and wrote down the instructions (i.e. add x amount of milk). Then all you have to do is box it up in a nice gift box and give it to those you have in mind.

I really hope this gave you some ideas. Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas! I’d really love to know your thoughts. Until tomorrow!


Sung Eun Rose


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