My Pamper Routine (Blogmas Day 8)

Bath Time is the best time.

I love baths, especially in the fall and winter time. I always take one when I come home from dance and almost immediately run a bath. I’ll add some oils and salts that will help the soreness. Also, since I have trouble going to sleep, it helps me relax.

I love setting up candles because (a) they smell good, and (b) they make everything look so much better. Nothing looks good in main lights!

While the bath is running, I’ll do my skincare routine, leaving the moisturizer to the end (coming soon!). Then I’ll put my hair up and add into my bath some essential oils. This particular one is PanAway from Young Living and is the most delicious smelling minty oil. I only put in 2 drops otherwise it will be too strong. I also add some lavender body oil from Mullein & Sparrow. With the scents of the candles with a hint of mint and a touch of lavender, the bathroom smells incredible.

I’ll put on a relaxing T.V. show or watch some YouTube. This particular night I wanted to watch Girl Meets World, which is one of my most favorite shows ever. Once in the bath, I’ll do my normal routine. I’ll sit in the bath for about twenty to thirty minutes before drying off and getting into my pajamas.

After a good bath, it’s important to moisturize. Then I’ll hop into bed with a good book and read for a bit, depending on how exhausted I feel. Finally, I’ll turn off the lights and go to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Sung Eun Rose


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