Decorating For Christmas! (Blogmas Day 1)

Hey guys, and welcome to Blogmas! I don’t know if this has been done before… And yes, blogmas is different from vlogmas. Why? Because I said so.

Today, I’m going to show you how I decorated my room. Why? Just because I’m feeling festive and I must share it with the world. 😉


This Christmas Tree was $8 from Target. I don’t have enough space in my bedroom for a bigger christmas tree, so I opted for a small one I could put on my bedside table or dresser. The ornaments were also from target, and they were $6. I like affordable decorations, and I don’t think you need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to make your room nice and festive without looking tacky.

I created this winter mood board myself last year by taping little pictures I found on pinterest onto the back of a chalkboard frame. It’s a super easy and inexpensive way to create a piece for winter as well as Christmas.


Fairy Lights are a super awesome way to create a calm, inviting, & festive atmosphere to your space. Pier 1 Imports have so many different types, so I suggest looking there. These are from target and are just the regular kind. I also like to hang ornaments from the strings and it looks so cute!



I’ve also added a little bits and pieces that remind me of winter and christmas. Adding ornaments to a glass vase from the dollar store is a super inexpensive way to decorate as well.

I hope you find some inspiration from these pieces! If you recreate anything, be sure to tweet & Instagram me! Maybe I’ll steal some of your ideas 😉

See you tomorrow! xoxo

Sung Eun Rose


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