Beauty Favorites | November 2016

Hey guys! Today’s blog post is going to be on my November Favorites. P.S. How is it already gone?! I feel like I just posted my October Faves! Also, how are you guys doing? Let me know in the comments. Okay, let’s get into my favorites already!

Let’s start with the TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY WATERPROOF EYELINER  because, as you guys know, I struggle to find things from Tarte that I actually enjoy. I love this product a lot because I find it really easy to work with. It’s long lasting, it doesn’t run, and I’ve had this for a really long time and it still has not dried up yet. It is genuinely one of my favorite eyeliners.

I feel like the LORAC PRO PALETTE I is such a classic eyeshadow palette. It was my second palette I ever got and I have fallen back in love with it. The shades are all incredibly pigmented and they are all so beautiful. It’s the best neutral palette with eight shimmer/sheen shades and eight matte shades. It’s my favorite palette I own.

The MOTIVES LALA MINERAL VOLUMIZING & LENGTHENING MASCARA  is a new product to my collection and I have actually really been enjoying it. Unfortunately for me, it’s not waterproof, so wearing it during dance is not the greatest because it ends up down my face. But in other occasions, I enjoy it a lot.

The MOTIVES LUXE CREME SHADOW  in the color Brown Sugar is one of my most favorite eye products ever. I love wearing it as a base color for any rose gold, gold, and copper shades. It brings the pigment out in those shimmery shades and the color payoff is amazing. It is so worth it in my opinion, so go and get this! It is so incredible and is one of my ride or die products.

Unfortunately, Bare Essentials no longer carries this makeup product, but it is the ALL OVER FACE COLOR in the color Glee. I use it as a blush, and in my opinion, it’s a perfect blush for fall. It has more of a brown undertone and is more red than pink, which, in my opinion, makes it my favorite blush for this season.

The BECCA AQUA LUMINOUS PERFECTING FOUNDATION  is a beautiful foundation and feels incredibly light and weightless on the face. It’s definitely the most expensive foundation I own, but it’s worth it. I love this foundation because it looks so natural. It is not the most full coverage foundation, but it is very nice and I am in love with it.

The BECCA SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTOR  is my all time ride or die makeup product. I love this so much. I mix a little with my foundation and it’s gorgeous. I did mix a little too much when I first mixed it in my foundation and it made me look exceptionally oily, so I would say you only need the tiniest amount when mixing it in your foundation. I also love it as a liquid highlighter, and it gives me the most amazing shimmering highlight that I love so much.

This is one of my favorite luxury items, so I have all good things to say about the HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING PALETTE It looks insanely beautiful on the face. It comes with a finishing powder, a highlighter, and a bronzer. Each one feels like velvet and looks like pure perfection on the skin. I am so glad I bought this product and I would definitely purchase this again…with a gift card.

Last but certainly not least is a friend’s line of fragrances, the SMITH & MCCAIN FRAGRANCES: THE INVITATIONThis perfume is one of my all-time favorite perfumes and it is amazing. It smells like vanilla and cupcakes and all things beautiful and sweet. Definitely go check it out and order one for yourself.

And that concludes my November’s Favorites! I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you very soon! Love you all so much!


Sung Eun Rose


20 things I’m thankful for

Hey guys!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve dedicated this month to Thanksgiving. Seeing as tomorrow is Thanksgiving 2016, I thought I’d share with you all 20 things I am thankful for.

  1. God is good all the time and is always there in every circumstance. 
  2. My family (a.k.a. the best support system) who has been there for me since day one, plus the very special people who have become my family. 
  3. My best friend Elisha, who’s always been there for me since the day we met. 
  4. My teachers who believe in who I am now and who I will become. 
  5. My Church Family
  6. My Friends
  7. Everything my Mom and Dad do for me every single day. 
  8. My car, which I haven’t been able to drive since I have yet to get my permit…
  9. Music… without music, I’d probably go crazy. 
  10. Long talks with my Mom
  11. Daddy/Daughter Dates with my Dad
  12. Funny moments with Renèe (you know what I’m talking about!)
  13. Dancing… without dance, life is boring.
  14. Books so I can experience other worlds.
  15. Netflix… Netflix is so great.
  16. Candles because they smell so amazing.
  17. Electronic devices because they’re nice to have for school, work, socializing, etc.
  18. My blog and the ability to share things with everyone.
  19. My camera so I can upload things to YouTube.
  20. All of you reading this right now and those of you who watch my YouTube videos. I have friends, family, and strangers who I one day hope to meet someday who all are a part of my little internet family, so thanks for all the support and lovely comments. 

I challenge you to find at least ten things your thankful for. If you’re willing, share them in the comments down below so I can see them. I love you all genuinely so much!

Have a wonderful, very happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

Sung Eun Rose


Seven Episodes into my Life On Pointe Series!!! I can’t believe it.

Mr. Pegler and I worked a lot on jumping since that is my weakest area, which is why all you see from our class is jumps.

For partnering, we practiced a lot of turns, since both of us are having a hard time feeling and knowing what is wrong, especially in our arabesque and attitude turns.

I hope you guys enjoy this episode, and I will see you guys on Wednesday!


Sung Eun Rose

Thanksgiving Get Ready With Me!

Hey Guys! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so I hope you enjoy this get ready with me and find some inspiration for your look! All of the links to the products and clothes (if I can find them) will be down below.


Sung Eun Rose

Links To Makeup Products













Links to Clothing Items:

Sweater Dress


Shoes (I couldn’t find the exact ones, but these are very similar.)

Leather Skirt (I couldn’t find any midi length skirts on forever 21’s website, but I found one on for a pretty good price.) 

Pink Blouse  (I could not find the exact one, but here is one very similar.)








This week was such a fun week filled with laughter, which was much needed. I’ve watched this episode about ten times and I was on the floor with laughter. I hope this episode brings a smile to your face.

Psst… Stay tuned to the end for bloopers!!!


Sung Eun Rose

P.S. Sorry there was no blog post on Wednesday… This week has been crazy hectic and I didn’t get a chance to finish it. It will be here next week! Promise!


Starting a Business?! | Motives Cosmetics

Hey you beautiful people! I can’t believe it is November already. I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming for you guys this month, and I’m so excited to get started!

Today, I’m starting off the month sharing with you that I have started a business! I am now a teen associate with Motives Cosmetics and I’ve been working on this for a while. I’ve collected products and have tested them out over the last two months. I’ll be showing you the products I’ve gotten and give you my most honest opinion.

All the links to the products and to my site will be down below. Enjoy!


These three items are absolutely incredible. The Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation is creamy in consistency and the pigment is great. It’s blendable and extremely long lasting. The first time I tested out this foundation, I put it on at 6:05 a.m. and washed my face at 9:30 p.m., after school, work, housework, and two hours of dance, without touching up my makeup one bit. I’ve worn this foundation several times and it is the same case every time. It lasts all day long, is medium to full-coverage, and feels weightless on the face. I highly recommend this foundation if you’re looking for a good mineral foundation.

The Liquid Long-Wear Concealer is thinner in consistency than what I’m used to, but I really like this concealer. It’s pigmented and the coverage is wonderful. I put it on my dark circles and redness and it covered it right up. The only thing I don’t like is the applicator. I’ve used concealers with applicators like this before, but this one is rougher and a bit scratchy. The applicator doesn’t glide the product on incredibly smoothly, so I roll the applicator on the back of my hand and apply it to under my eyes. Other than that, the concealer is really good and I do recommend it.

I love baking my face and setting my foundation and concealer with the Luminous Translucent Powder. It is a really fine powder and feels super velvety in texture. I got it in the color medium, so it does add some color into my face. This powder doesn’t settle into any fine lines I have, which I love since I do have quite a few lines under my eyes and some on my forehead. Don’t stress people. If you do, you’ll get wrinkles much earlier than necessary.


As you can see in the photo, the Pressed Blush: Flirt is very pink, and not being a blush girl, I was pretty scared to try this out. Just as I thought, it was very pigmented, but if you use a light hand, it makes your face look so alive. I’ve been wearing this non-stop lately and I can actually say that this is my all-time favorite blush. The consistency is absolutely gorgeous and the pigmentation is stunning. I like that a little goes a long way because it’s likely to last me longer. I highly recommend this blush.

This Elements Eyeshadow Palette is my favorite eyeshadow palette ever. The pigmentation of these shadows shocked me when I tried them out for the very first time. It comes with five matte shades and three shimmer shades, and it has been my go-to palette since I got it. I feel like you can also use this palette for more than just eyeshadows. I use the matte brown shade native for contour and bronzer and shell for my highlight. I cannot recommend this palette enough to anyone who is looking for a nice neutral palette. This is my all-time favorite palette.

Another thing I’ve been using pretty constantly is the Luxe Creme Shadow in the color brown sugar. I love this shadow because of how blendable and creamy the consistency is. I’ve been using this to prime my lids before I apply any kind of shimmery eyeshadow with gold reflects. It looks great under shadows and amazing by itself.

The Kohl Liner is so pigmented, creamy and blendable, and it is one of my personal favorite eyeliners. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a hard time finding eyeliners that I really love. This has made it to my top two. I have the color coffee, and it’s great for everyday.


The Pressed Eyeshadows are pigmented, buttery, and smooth and I absolutely love them. Motives has a ton of different colors, which I love since these two particular shadows are not my favorites in terms of color. Fantasy is a gorgeous purple with a slight sheen, and I might play around with it more in the springtime. Bling is a gold shade with lots of glitter, emphasis on LOTS. I would only wear this during Christmas for parties and for New Years.

The All Day Liquid Sticks are a creamy and pigmented version of a lipstick. A little goes a long way and they last forever. I would definitely apply this with a lip liner and be careful if you have braces because you will get this all over your brackets.

Lastly, I didn’t get the chance to list this in my video, but these are the Nail Lacquers in the colors (left to right) vintage, prom queen, and tahiti surf. These polishes literally last so long. Since I do a lot of dishes, I rarely put on nail polish since they chip so quickly. However, these polishes last me an entire week with barely any chipping, and without a topcoat. I highly recommend these nail lacquers.

Okay guys, we have come to the end. Thanks so much for reading! If you guys decide you don’t want to read this entire thing, you can watch the video down below! See you guys soon! Love you all, and have a great rest of your day!


Sung Eun Rose