“Success isn’t defined by those who fought and never fell, but by those who fought, fell, and then rose again.”                                                                                  – Nastia Luikin 

This quote could never have applied to this week more. I fell a lot.

This week was tough, and in all honesty, I didn’t want to dance. I got sick at the beginning of the week and my ankle has been sore since I fell cleaning my car. Stupid Ditch.

Despite all of this, I persevered, and though it wasn’t my best week, I still nailed a lot of my turns, minus the  fouetté. However, I was able to jump higher (of course, my camera died at that point), and turn faster. My legs got higher, and guess what? My placement is getting better.

Sometimes you need to find the positive in the negative, even if it seems like the negative outweighs the positive. Choose to be thankful and choose not to complain.

Next week, I am so incredibly excited. Although my friend calls it death week, I’m stoked. I get to have a private lesson with master teacher Philip Pegler in Los Angeles on Tuesday! I’ll drive home right after and go straight to my next classes at Revolution, and I’ll get to partner, which I’m totally excited for.

Alrighty guys, have a wonderful week! And remember, if you’ve had or are having a rough time right now, you’re not alone. Leave one positive thing in your life right now down in the comment section.


Sung Eun Rose


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