Beauty Favorites | October 2016

Hello Gorgeous People, how are you doing?! Welcome back. Today I’m going to be talking (or rather, writing) you through my October Favorites. On a side note, can we talk about how October is already pretty much gone?! It’s absolutely mental!

Alrighty, let’s get into the favorites!

Okay, let’s first talk about this Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette. It is absolutely stunning. I watched them on my arm so you could see the colors on my skin and how pigmented they are. I got this in my FabFitFun box I received at the beginning of the month and after many days of testing, I love this palette. It’s got gorgeous shimmery shades that create a perfect everyday or nighttime look. There are twelve colors, and I will say that out of the twelve, there are only three matte shades, which is a little disappointing. Another rather annoying thing was that there was no mirror in the palette. However, the consistency of the shadows were nice and the pigmentation wasn’t insane, but it was still great quality. I’ll rate this palette 7/10.

This nail polish is the Essie Nail Polish: Bahama Mama, and it’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous for fall, and it’s really easy to wear. I absolutely love the consistency of the nail polish and you only need I’d say two coats for outstanding color show. I’ll rate this 10/10.

Okay, I know I’m not supposed to show you this palette in this blog post yet, but I couldn’t help it!!! I’m going to start with the Motives Cosmetics Element Eyeshadow Palette because, *dramatic sigh* I am obsessed with this palette. There are eight large eyeshadows with five matte shades and three shimmer/sheen shades. The great thing about this palette is that it is so universal. I use the lighter matte brown color for bronzer and contour, and the gorgeous shimmer shell pink color for a popping highlight, which I love. As you can see from the swatches on my arm, these colors are insanely pigmented, and I’ll use every single color in this palette. If you’re looking for a great palette, I highly recommend this one. I rate this 10/10.

This lipstick is one of my personal favorites for any occasion, especially fall. It’s the BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie: Raise The Bar. It’s a gorgeous berry-esk toned red and I love wearing this when I want to be a little ambitious but not too bold. It’s a really nice formula and is great for going from day to night. Love this. 9/10

*I don’t think Bare Minerals or Bare Essentials sells this lipstick anymore… Bummer! *crying*

P.S. How cute is my little rock? My best friend brought it back for me from the Grand Canyon. He’s the greatest.


Now some of you know that there are very few things I like from Tarte Cosmetics. For some reason, I have a ton of issues with their products. Their highlights and bronzers tend to be really chalky on my skin and their foundation just melts off my face. It does not look pretty. However, this Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Creaseless Concealer is, in fact, one of the only products that does not make my face look like my skin looks like a zombie’s face. It is super thick and creamy and I love applying this under my foundation on my big blemishes. A little goes a long way. So on this product, 10/10!

My brows are in need of a threading, plucking, and waxing session. However, I have been using the BareMinerals Brow Color for years…actually, since I started wearing makeup! This is my go-to brow product. I had a couple of pencils, pomades, and gels that don’t compare to this product at all. I swear by this product. 10/10.

Since my tan from the summer is fading slightly, I like bronzing up my skin with the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer: Sunshine. Yes, this is a drugstore product, but it’s one I love. It has a bit of a shimmer and sheen to it and is perfectly, as it claims, natural. It’s waterproof, and honestly, I haven’t been able to test that theory. However, it is long-lasting and I really love it. Side note, I really don’t like the packaging. So I give it 9/10.

Btw, I will try to link these products down below. I am doing a separate video and blog post for all of the Motives Cosmetics since I am selling it. I would link those products, however my site is not up yet. I know this blog post is long, so thank you so much for reading it! Show this post some love, and I will see you very soon!


Sung Eun Rose

Links To Products:

Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Palette:

Essie Nail Polish (Bahama Mama):

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer:

BareMinerals Brow Color:—Dark-Blonde/Medium/USmasterBrowColor,en_US,pd.html

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer:


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