American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive Update 2: 8/7/16


Hello Everyone!!!!

My gosh, it’s been an incredible week. I can’t even describe the way I feel right now. Grateful, excited, appreciated, and loved.

All of our technique classes for both flat and pointe have been pretty solid. There was one day that I didn’t feel quite myself, but I quickly pushed through the point of exhaustion and stiffness to power and strength. Who knew?!

Our partnering classes this week were no joke. It was full on, real work. Being someone that rarely partners, it’s been so amazing working with the amazing teachers and our patient partners. I had the same guy twice in a row and I gotta say, he’s an incredible partner (shown in photo).

We only had two repertoire classes (thankfully), and we got our casts. They are not going easy on us at all, and I actually love it. It’s pushed me to my limits and has shown me what I am truly capable of.

I’ve learned so much in every one of my classes. In my notebook, I have pages of notes. It’s kind of ridiculous, but it will be helpful to look back on.

Even jazz and modern (which are not my forte) were super amazing. As I said in last week’s update, my goal for this year was to let loose and have fun. Well, I did exactly that, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Guys, little tip: HAVE FUN!!!!

We had a new class added: Variations. Both classes were at the end of the day, so in all honesty, I was scared to death of how it was going to go. Surprisingly, it was actually enjoyable and I learned a lot. Like, the second day of Variations, I decided to try both. The second one was fast and the difficulty was (for me) out of this world. I decided to have fun and perform it, and I didn’t realize I could perform with such character.

I know… it’s weird for me too, guys. I was literally blushing with embarrassment. But, I realized that if I didn’t push myself to do that variation, I wouldn’t have known that I had that level of performance in me.

I’ve learned so much about myself as a dancer that I know will help me. It makes me so excited to go back home and show off all that I’ve learned. Honestly, the teachers have been so incredibly generous with how much information they’ve offered, and the people I dance with every day make each day more fun and interesting. You never know what might happen. There’s always something new every day.

We only have one week left!!! Where did time go??!!

Until next week,

Sung Eun Rose

Featuring: Jake Ray



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